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Are you a motor carrier?
  • Post your available trucks for freight brokers and shippers to see.
  • Search for loads posted by freight brokers and shippers.
  • View 10,000+ freight broker credit reports.
  • Receive real-time email alerts when a load is posted that matches your truck and location.
Are you a freight broker or shipper?
  • Post your available freight for tens of thousands of motor carriers to see on our load board.
  • Search for thousands of available trucks.
  • Reach motor carriers often missing from other paid-subscription load boards.
  • Receive real-time email alerts when a truck is posted that matches your load and location.
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For loads exceeding $1,250.00 in freight charges we forgo our regular commission and charge a flat rate in order to reduce your shipping cost. We split our commission (50/50) with carrier and shipper, thus, increasing the bottom line of both. For loads under $1,250.00 our standard commission apply.

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