Dispatcher - Carrier Agreement

This agreement made this ___ day of _______, _______ is between ________________, an authorized motor carrier, MC#  __________________,  located at (Address) __________________ (City) __________________ (State) ________ (ZIP) ________, hereinafter referred to as "Carrier" and Load Planners, Inc, (a Mississippi Corporation), located at (Address) __________________ (City) __________________ (State) ________ (ZIP) ________,  hereinafter referred to as "Dispatcher."

The purpose of this agreement is to create a document whereby "Carrier" authorizes "Dispatch" to locate and secure loads for "Carrier" from time to time. "Dispatcher" will send and receive all necessary paperwork, including accepting and signing all required documents on behalf of "Carrier."
It is agreed and understood by both parties that "Carrier" is responsible for billing Shipper and that "Dispatcher" is in no way liable for any monies due "Carrier" arising out of any transaction covered by this agreement.
It is further agreed that "Carrier" will compensate "Dispatch" an amount equal to _____% of the total freight charges received by "Carrier" not to exceed $ _________ but not less than $ _________ for each load accepted by "Carrier" for delivery that has been assigned to "Carrier" by "Dispatcher." It is understood by both parties that unless prepaid "Dispatcher" will invoice "Carrier" each week for all loads accepted by "Carrier" and, that "Carrier" will remit payment upon receipt of invoice.
It is further agreed and understood by both parties that, as a result of failure to remit payment to "Dispatcher" as per this agreement, all activities on behalf of "Carrier" will cease and request for payment will be placed in collections. It is also agreed that if "Dispatcher" must use collection procedures/agents "Carrier" will bear all collection cost, including, but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.
This Agreement is a continuing agreement until cancelled by either party upon written notification. This agreement may not be assigned without written consent of the other party, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Mississippi.
No amendments may be added to, nor any item deleted from this agreement unless in writing and agreed to and signed by both parties.

Accepted on this _____ day of _____ 20 _____

By:  _________________________________ Title:  __________ for Carrier
By:  _________________________________ Title:  __________ for Dispatcher